Friday, June 11, 2021

Sacramento Punk Reviews - 2

 Another Sacramento Punky Revue:

Sick Burn / These Bastards " Burn These Sick Bastards" split 7" ep. 

A pandemic release maybe made cuz these two buddy bands missed playing shows together. As the homer I am, of course, I am partial to the Siq Bern side, but one should not neglect the flipside of this pretty purply pink piece of vinyl. 

Over there, These Bastards rip out three fast blasters with some nice, tidy breaks that are full of great back and forth vocals. They know when to step on the gas and when to let up a bit to build up the pressure. Pay attention and you are gonna hear some really sweet intricate guitar perdiddlin in the midst of it all. Their side ends with a fine tribute to all things rad in sac: "Gonna play the Colony with our friends in Sick Burn" and it gets funnier from there, but you'll just have to buy the record to find out why.

The chants of 'Sick Burn' ending the These Bastards' side remind you to flip over the record which is good cuz on the other side Sick Burn does what Sick Burn does best: absolutely Tear it Up with five blasts of clever positivity, pit cheerleading intensity, and up with thrash/down with jobs reality. 

Full of awesome buildups and explosions that show that getting older can sometimes result in getting faster, it always feels like it is dancing on the edge of collapse but somehow manages to hold together with a tightness and great dynamic songwriting.

Its fabulous furious fast furryness all packed up neat and nifty with a patch that features Matt Shrugg's slimy cover art.

It may have sold out of the first press (in like 2 months!?!?!), but you can hear it on the band's bandcamps or bug @thrashtapes about it or maybe see if @phonoselect has some. Or maybe they'll burn it into a CDr and you can pick it up the next time Sick Burn and These Bastards rock together which I imagine will be happening sooner than it has in a while

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