Tuesday, June 29, 2021

SacPunkShows - Review # 4


Sacpunkshows - review #4

Frack - Accelerant

Another local pandemic album put out by an out of town label during lockdown. Forbidden Place records outta Colorado was kind enough to release this in the Spring of 2021 on lp/cd/digital. (Maybe cassette too? This would make a swell tape.)

Frack's got a unique power trio formula that reveals more layers the more you listen to it. Immediately recognizable is the prevalence of a very distorted lap steel guitar wailing over a noisy rockin punk rhythm section.

And while 90s noise rock feels like the obvious starting point, there's much more to suck up in your ears. Really tight rhythms throughout give it a precision that a lot of sludgier noise rock can't touch, lumbering riffs morph into intricate post-funk rhythms that slide into punk rock burners. 

It's all topped off with sneering pissed off political punk rock lyrics coming from the weathered perspective of folks who've seen some shit and survived. They are alive, but still good and pissed.

They wrap the album up with their crowd-pleasing cover of the Boomer Classic 'Rise Above' to keep the kids old and young happy and singing along whilst skipping in little circles

It all makes for a tidy 24 minute album that I always find myself putting on repeat so I can hear it all again.

Frack has their own sound that they have cultivated from years of local music experience and boiled it into a creative mix that manages to maintain the succulent piss and vinegar of punk while bringing in some more intricate and unique angles to make quite the sonic charcuterie board.

Good stuff to track down from forbiddenplacerecords.bandcamp.com

You can probably grab the LP locally from the band when they play the outdoor benefit they organized for Cafe Colonial on July 23rd at Sac Rehearsal Studios or when they open for Year of the Cobra inside Holy Diver on 8/22 (or the Brick in Nevada City, 8/20)

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