Thursday, December 9, 2021

Sac Punk Shows Review # 4


New Sacto stuph to get really excited about. 
@s.u.r.g.e_2020 demo is a monstrously delightful debut. One of the new local bands coming outta lockdown that make me glad I survived so I could hear and see this really impressive band mash up sludgy hardcorey grindy doomy rage into something this good. And on their first try.

3 songs in about 10 minutes immaculately pressed to a sharpie'd CDr (as it should be) and if you are anything like me (which honestly you probably aren't), you'll be spinning this beast of a demo incessantly.

The chart-topper is definitely the middle track, 'Anatomy of Misanthropy' which takes up over half the recording and travels from swirling rhythms to ponderous doom to desperate vocal cries with a thunking caveperson pounding breakdown to build back into a moment's reflection before the final song just shreds on the way out so you gotta listen again. And again.

Pretty sure you can pick up this rad shit on shiny disc at the Colony or grab it offa their bandcamp on Saturday.

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