Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hub shows relocated this week to Davis houses

WED 5/4 -- White Fang + Sex Killers + CCR Headcleaner, Enya House,744 N Street,Davis CA, 95616, starts at 7:30 ends by 10. All ages

FRI -5/6 --  Culture Kids (great snotty early HC, think EARLY circle jerks or if OFF was really as good as you want them to be - and I think they are good, but Culture Kids are barking up the same tree & reaching way higher), RanK Xerox (great hard hitting post punk with lots of angles and lots of anger) + Pistol Pete @ Fishbowl 666, 1211 F Street in Davis, 7:30 start/10:00 finish, all ages.

Plan to pay $5 for each of these shows, and bring some extra money to buy stuff from them, cuz they are travelling a ways to get here

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