Monday, January 10, 2011

Earslaughter -- Turn the Screws -- 7 inch review

Sometime last year Earslaughter put out one of the best punk records I have ever heard by a Sacramento-area punk band and I recently found out they have some copies left that they are trying to sell so they can record their new songs.  So, don't be a fool -- buy this record (info below), you will like it, they will get the money they need, I will get to hear recordings of their new songs.  We'll all be happy.

One of the great things about Turn the Screws is that they've got so much stuff going on in their straightforward music -- they don't sound like any particular band I can think of, but there are touches of so much good stuff going on -- from dbeat to hardcore to thrash to tiny bits of metal and crust to even a smidge of youth crew, but it's not a mishmash -- just great songs that sound real good and don't sound like anyone else to me.

Their songs are exceptionally well-written and arranged with excellent guitar playing that throws in little lead touches without getting ridiculously wanky, with a driving bass that plays a predominant role as the other instruments drop out, with great vocals that spit rage and frustration with great melody.  The singing reminds me of the feeling of lots of early punk bands from the southern and midwestern US without sounding directly like anyone.  There's a tension that comes through in the vocals that helps carry this record for me.

Honestly, I kind of hate writing record reviews because I can rarely find words that capture the feeling I get off music. Just know that this is a great record - it grabs you, it's oddly familiar with out being specifically derivative and the songs are just so well arranged.  Great stuff and it's ridiculous that it's not sold out - it's one of the best punk records to ever come out of this area, so if you missed it when it came out before, go get one now.

Since my words don't capture it, you can go listen to one of the songs over at

But really, just buy the record -- they need to sell some more, it comes on this ridiculously cool looking pink and black splatter vinyl and you can read their lyrics about war, growing older, torture, and mental health. It's really good stuff. 6 great songs.   Get it. It costs $4 post paid  from

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